More than 30 destinations in France, from €19, exclusive services


STATION AGENTS To welcome you


No later than 20 minutes before your departure, the station agents will be waiting on the platform for you to check your ticket and help you board under the best conditions.

Once they have welcomed you, all you have to do is go to the location corresponding to the atmosphere you chose.

Your trip has started well even before you have boarded.


Isn’t that great?

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THE BARISTAS For your restaurant meals

Barista is the name given to the restaurant personnel aboard your iDTGV. You will easily recognise them, they have uniforms in bright colours. They will be waiting for you at the iDTGV Café or will come to you in the iDZAP spaces.
The baristas are available in the iDTGV Café to offer advice for your gourmet tastebuds or rent you a DiGiTAB. 
For those travelling in iDZAP, there is no reason to move, the baristas come to you to offer sandwiches and other snacks!
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THE SUPERVISORS For your onboard wellbeing.

The supervisors coordinate all of the onboard services. They are dedicated to the comfort, tranquillity and safety of our customers aboard, throughout the trip. You will easily recognise them, they have a purple uniform and a cap.
The supervisors are completely at your service, whichever space you have chosen. They will come by frequently to ensure that everybody is comfortable. Don’t hesitate to call on them!
In the iDZen space:
They are responsible for the iDZen atmosphere and may intervene if calm is not maintained. Call on them, they are there to guarantee your peace. Relax, they will look after everything.
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ADVISERS To help you out

Help, a question, thank-yous (we like those): our Advisors will respond with good humour by telephone, e-mail or chat... 365 days a year! And yes, there are humans in the iDTGV Internet! 

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EMMA@iDTGV For all of the news on the social networks

You have a question, a comment or just simply want to tell us your impressions of your last trip? 
Emma will answer you all week long and share all of the upcoming iDTGV news. 
You can also enter competitions and exchange views with other members of the iDTGV community.
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IN THE SHADOWS To make your trips a reality

At headquarters, logistics or the technical centre... We are doing everything we can to make your trip a pleasure.

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