How do I print an iDTGV ticket?

To print your iDTGV ticket you just have to go to the My travels space with your travel references (file number + e-mail address that you used for the reservation, or file number + surname + first name of the passenger).

Once identified, you should click on the "I print my tickets" button, then specify the information relating to the passenger(s) if you did not do so during the reservation (surname, first name and date of birth).

The only thing left for you to do is to click on the link Print to produce a PDF file for each ticket, and print each ticket in an A4 format.

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How do I exchange my ticket?

To change your seat, your services on board, the date or time of your journey or even your place of departure and/or arrival, follow the indications below.

•    To change your seat in the train, select ‘Change my seat’ in the block on the left.
On the page which then appears, choose the seat and the atmosphere (Zen or Zap) that you want, then click on OK.

•    To change or add services on board the train, select ‘Change services on board the train’ in the block on the left.
Then, choose your services and validate.
Check the services offered to each passenger and click on ‘Next’.
Finally, fill in your means of payment and validate.

•    To change your journey (time/ date of travel or the city of departure/arrival); select ‘Exchange my tickets’ in the block on the left.
Choose if you wish to change your outward journey, your return journey or both, as well as the changes that you wish to make to them.
Choose your train (times and date) then click on ‘Continue’.
Fill in the choice of your services on board (optional), your seat / atmosphere, accept the general sales conditions then click on ‘Next’.
Fill in your means of payment and validate.

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Be careful; if your changes do not concern all the passengers of a same file; ring the call centre (+ 33 (0) – local rate number). Our advisors reply every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

What types of exchange are possible?

Exchange is free is you just want to change your seat or the onboard services you selected online. (See and click on “My Journeys”).

If you wish to modify your day / time of departure, you will have to pay €18 exchange costs, as well as any difference in price between the old and new ticket.

To exchange your ticket, you can go directly to or contact our call centre +33 (0) (local rate call) if the change concerns the journey (time, train).

If the change does not concern all the passengers in a file that contains several travellers, then you can only make the exchange through the call centre +33 (0) (local rate call).


Am I limited in the amount of luggage I can take?

You can take 2 pieces of luggage for free (details below).

If you take more than two pieces of luggage, you will have to pay an extra charge of €35 per piece of luggage (on the iDTGV website in "My travel options"), within the limit of 2 extra pieces of luggage per person.

If you did not pay this extra charge when you booked, the payment will cost you €45 on board.

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The free pieces of luggage per person cannot exceed:
- two pieces of hand luggage (suitcases, rucksacks, travel bags) per traveller; or
- one hand luggage and an object per traveller (a children’s pushchair, a wheelchair, a bicycle with its wheels removed and placed together in a special protective cover of 1.20 x 0.90m maximum, a surfboard placed in a protective cover of 1.20m x 0.90m maximum, a pair of skis, a monoski or a snowboard, a bag containing a ‘small-sized’ domestic animal; or
- a piece of hand luggage per traveller and a piece of luggage of 50cm x 50cm x 50cm ; or
- a piece of hand luggage per traveller and a musical instrument.

Can I travel with my animal?

If your animal does not travel in a container, you will need to pay an animal supplement of €35 (in "My journey options").


If you did not pay this extra charge when you booked, the payment will cost you €45 on board.

Your dog will have to travel attached on a lead and wearing a muzzle.

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To be accepted on board iDTGV Trains, small-sized domestic animals, that is, of a weight of less than 6 kilos, must be transported in a properly closed container (the size of which should not exceed 45cm x 30cm x 25cm) and must weigh less than 6 kilos. In this case, the ‘small-sized domestic animal will benefit from free travel. In the absence of a container and in the case of an animal weighing more than 6kg, you will be obliged to present a Domestic Animal Supplement.

What is iDTGV?

A different way to travel with iDTGV, a subsidiary of the SNCF, with its own booking system, its own customer service department and its own dedicated offers.

  • Prepare your journey quickly and easily with our 100% online booking service: no more waiting in queues - buy your ticket online and print it out at home!
  • Take advantage of special TGV prices from 19 Euro in iDZen and iDZap, to or from Paris. Forget about prices: iDTGV provides a single price at a given point in time, for both 2nd and 1st class, regardless of your age or how many nights you will spend at your destination...
  • Peace of mind when you travel! Once you have scanned your ticket using the optical reader on boarding the train, you’ll not have any more ticket checks during your journey*. No inspections at your seat or when you move around the train.
  • Get a different experience with our two onboard atmospheres: iDZen & iDZap. (discover the atmospheres) · Discover new onboard services and events.

*Dependent on the Boarding reception

What stations are served by iDTGV?

iDTGV serves the following stations:

- Agen
- Aime-la-Plagne
- Aix-en-Provence
- Aix-les-Bains
- Albertville
- Alpe d'Huez
- Annecy
- Annemasse
- Auray
- Avignon
- Bayonne
- Bellegarde
- Béziers
- Biarritz
- Bordeaux
- Bourg-Saint-Maurice
- Brest
- Cannes
- Chambéry
- Chamrousse
- Cluses
- Dax
- Grenoble
- Hendaye
- La Rochelle
- Landerneau
- Landry
- Les 2 Alpes
- Lorient
- Lyon
- Marseille
- Montpellier
- Morlaix
- Moûtiers
- Nice
- Nîmes
- Niort
- Paris
- Perpignan
- Quimper
- Quimperlé
- Rennes
- Rosporden
- Saint-Brieuc
- Saint-Gervais
- Saint-Jean-de-Luz
- Saint-Raphaël
- Sallanches
- Toulon
- Toulouse
- Vannes

Who should I contact if I forget something in the iDTGV?

Please see reception at your arrival station as quickly as possible.